Knowledge & Research

Ask For It

Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

How women can use the power of negotiation to get what they really want.

Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg

Women, work, and the will to lead.

Knowing Your Value

Mika Brzezinski

Women, money and getting what you're worth.


Rosabeth Moss Kanter

How winning streaks & losing streaks begin and end

All Things at Once

Mika Brzezinski

A candid and inspiring motivational book that will help women of all ages confront the unique professional and personal challenges they face.


Susan Cain

The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking.

The Power of Parity: Advancing Women’s Equality in the United States

McKinsey & Company

Men Pitch In to Boost Women at Work

Wall Street Journal

Are You Too Busy? How to Know Your Limits

Wall Street Journal

Executive Women, Finding (and Owning) Their Voice

New York Times

Feeling Like A Fraud: Living With Impostor Syndrome


Glass Ceiling Debate: He Said, She Didn’t


Here’s Why Women CEOs are More Likely to Get Sacked from Their Jobs

Washington Post

Madam C.E.O., Get Me a Coffee

New York Times

Paternity Leave: The Rewards and the Remaining Stigma

New York Times

Pepsi CEO’s Mother Had A Brutally Honest Reaction To Her Daughter’s New Job

Business Insider

Innovation By Design: The Case for Investing in Women

Anita Borg Institute

Speaking While Female

New York Times

The Confidence Gap

The Atlantic

The Secret Phobia All Leaders Face


The Stars of These Young Adult Books Swear, Struggle, And Generally Act Like Real Teens

Fast Company

When Talking About Bias Backfires

New York Times

When Women Manage Men Who Don’t Respect Women

New York Times

Why Men Outnumber Women Attending Business Schools


The 2013 Chief Executive Study: Women CEOs of the Last 10 Years


Why Women CEOs Are Fired More Often Than Men

Huffington Post

Why Women Don’t Ask For Money


Women at Work: A Guide for Men

Wall Street Journal

Women on the Board: Quotas Have Limited Success

New York Times