Cases and Articles

HBR Articles:  (selected for their relevance to gender issues in the workplace)

  1. How Women Decide        September, 2013
  2. Women’s Careers and Power: What  You Need to Know         OB86-PDG-ENG
  3. Women and the Vision Thing    January, 2009
  4. Two Women, Three Men on a Raft     May, 1994
  5. Women in the Workplace: A Research Round-up     September 2013
  6. Women Board Directors: Championing the Tough Issues     W13302-PDF-ENG
  7. What makes a Team Smarter: More Women   June, 2011

HBS Cases:  (selected for having a female protagonist prominently featured in the case dilemmas and decisions, or for focusing on a gender-related issue in the workplace)

  1. Walmart’s Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative       B5792-PDF-ENG
  2. Casa Transition: Betting on Women         TBO341-PDF-ENG
  3. A Few Good Women at the Top: The China Case       BH546-PDF-ENG
  4. The Wolf Movement: Driving Results Through Women at Best Buy   IMD502-PDF-ENG
  5. Andrea Jung: Empowering Avon Women (A)   408035-PDF-ENG
  6. Women’s World Banking: Catalytic Change Through Networks   300050-PDF-ENG
  7. Monique Leroux: Leading Change at Desjardins    313107-PDF-ENG
  8. Beth Stewart: Negotiating the Boardroom     413094-PDF-ENG
  9. Dr. Amita Joshi at Samuel Drugs Limited    W11007-PDF-ENG
  10. Maggie Lena Walker and the Independent Order of St. Luke    409057   PDF-ENG
  11. Cheung Yan: China’s Paper Queen   HKU799-PDF-ENG
  12. Vivienne Cox at BP Alternative Energy (A)   INS354-PDF-ENG
  13. Jeanne Clough at Mount Auburn Hospital  406068  PDF-ENG
  14. Anne Mulcahy: Leading Xerox Through the Perfect Storm     405050-PDF-ENG
  15. Fatima Al Jabar and Al Jabar Group: Traditions and Transitions in a United Arab Emirates Family Enterprise     INS097-PDF-ENG
  16. Cynthia Carroll at Anglo American (A)   414019-PDF-ENG
  17. Naina Lal  Kidwai: Investing in Her Country     413003-PDF-ENG
  18. Advising on Currency Risk at ICICI Bank    205074-PDF-ENG
  19. Meg Whitman and eBay Germany   402006-PDF-ENG
  20. Charlene Barshefsky (A)   801421-PDF-ENG
  21. Teaming for Time: The Team Delivery Project at the Boston Globe     BAB039-PDF-ENG
  22. Bain & Co. Inc. : Making Partner      899066-PDF-ENG
  23. Maureen Frye at Quaker Steel and Alloy Corp    496024-PDF-ENG
  24. Oprah Winfrey       809068  PDF-ENG
  25. Corporate Governance at Martha Stewart Living Omni media: Not “A Good Thing”   KEL776-PDF-ENG
  26. Coco Chanel: Creating Fashion for the Modern Woman (A)    812001-PDF-ENG
  27.  Liz Claiborne and the New Working Woman    407060-PDF-ENG
  28. Life’s Work: Sandra Day O’Connor    December, 2013
  29. Katherine Graham      801276-PDF-ENG