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WIB Club Co-Chairs

Club President

Shreya Banerjee T’24 (Email)

Programming & Events

Jenn Ding T’24 (Email)

Caitlyn Garland T’24 (Email)

Becca Robinson T’24 (Email)

Allie Farina T’25 (Email)

Megan Konrad T’25 (Email)

Erin Simmons T’25 (Email)

Prospective Students

Kathryn Barry T’24 (Email)

Fatima Patel T’24 (Email)

Leen Ajlouni T’25 (Email)

Anjali Bhatt T’25 (Email)

Women in Business Conference

Tatum Bradley T’24 (Email)

Fiona Frick T’24 (Email)

Caroline Hogan T’24 (Email)

Madeline Soutter T’24 (Email)

Katherine Zimmel T’24 (Email)

Priya Ochani T’25 (Email)

Zoe Kaslow T’25 (Email)

Helena Lintel T’25 (Email)

Rushika Athia T’25 (Email)

Emily Steele T’25 (Email)

Tori Semaan T’25 (Email)

Robin Tory T’25 (Email)

Spring Symposium

Arya Damodharan T’24 (Email)

Laura Knapp T’24 (Email)

Angela Qu T’25 (Email)

Marina Shtyrkov T’25 (Email)

Social Media and Communications

Britt Foulds T’25 (Email)

Aemy Patel T’25 (Email)


Lauren Baltrus T’24 (Email)

Rachel Isaksen T’24 (Email)

Apeksha Atal T’25 (Email)

Joanna Mulvey T’25 (Email)

Alumni Relations

Claire von Loesecke T’24 (Email)

Caitlin Mahoney T’25 (Email)

Men As Allies

Ashwin Chandrasekhar T’24 (Email)

Tuck Admissions

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